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Welcome to visit Honghai Pump

Honghai pump is committed to become China's industrial pump solutions expert, and will combine traditional promotion and e-commerce. We dedicated to supply high quality oil pumps for customers. After years of exploration and operation, our shopping malls, commercial series and the increasing variety of types gradually satisfied market demand.

Since our debut in 2005, we have exposed our company to the public. After around 10 years’ operation, our products have been accepted home and abroad. Our products include gear oil pump, screw oil pump, centrifugal oil pump, rotor pump, stainless pump and so on. 

Combined our technology and experience, we never stop our persistence in developing new products. Not long ago, we successfully reform our stainless steel pump, which is greatly received by our clients. Our stainless steel pump can be customized according to your special requirements so that it can be applied in more and more fields. One of our customers from Yunnan ordered a batch of stainless steel pumps with special requirements, with our technicians’ careful study, we have successfully sent those pumps in ten days, which really encourages our technical team. 

Just recently, Honghai release a new product, soya bean milk pump. As modern people pay more attention to nutrition, there is huge requirements for this pump. About one month time, Honghai successfully produced it, which completely solve the problem to transport hot soya bean milk, tofu and rice milk. It’s told by Honghai technical person, the inner side of this pump is silica rubber, which is a perfect heat-resistant material for the angle of health.   

Welcome to visit Honghai Pump. If there is any doubt about pump, we will do our best to provide you with quality services.