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Thermal Oil Pump-Common Ways to Remove Breakdowns III

(3) Other reasons

1. High viscosity oil will produce noise, you must use the appropriate viscosity oil.

2. Less output flow

①High temperature will reduce the oil viscosity and increase the inside leakage, thus cause output flow reduced. Firstly, identify the reasons; for high pressure gear pumps, seals should be checked for damage.

②Choosing oil viscosity too high or too low will result in reduced output flow, you should use qualified viscosity oil.

CB-B-type gear pump is generally not reversed rotating, thus if the gear oil pump is installed backwards, it will cause pressure oil chamber and the suction chamber partially shorted, and resulting in sucking oil flow reduction. At this point, you should check the steering pump.

④When engine speed is not enough, thus causing the flow decreased. Should identify the reason and eliminate.

3.Rotation poor

①Axial or radial clearance gap is too small. Re-adjusted and repair.

②Dirt inside the pump. Dismantle to remove foreign matter.

③Assembled incorrectly. Two pin holes machining plane was not fitted plane, if put the pin first, then tighten the screws, the pump will not turn. The correct way is, rotate the gear pump, and tighten the screws at the same time, and finally put into the pin.

④Coaxial coupling of the pump and the engine difference should be within 0.1mm.

⑤Pump parts not demagnetization. All parts before assembly shall be demagnetized.

⑥Roller bearing needle bad quality or needle breakage. Repair or replacement.

⑦Working oil outlet is blocked. Remove foreign matter.

4. Heating

①All reasons causing poor rotation may cause pump heating, exclusion method may also refer to its implementation.

②Oil viscosity is too high or too low. Re-select the Oil.

③Plates, bushings and gear face seriously friction. Repair or replacement.

④Ambient temperature is high, the tank volume is small, poor cooling. Should be treated separately.