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Some Little Tips About the Oil Pump

How to ensure G mono pumps’ pressure

The max output pressure of G mono pump is according to bushhing series

Level1: the max working pressure is 0.6mpa

Level2: the max working pressure is 1.2mpa

Level4: the max working pressure is 2.4mpa

The solutions of solving gear pump’s electric current too large and not working suddenly

The fault phenomenon:electric current is too large 

The reasons of fault: a, output pressure is too high. b, the viscosity of medium is too large. c, assembly of shaft seal is wrong  d, shaft or bearing is damaged. e, fault of electric motor

Methods: a, check lower equipment and pipeline. b, check medium’s viscosity. c, round the gear by hand when the pump is not working,check whether the gear round smoothly. d, check electric motor.

The reasons of three screw pump doesn’t suck up oil

1.Screw and pump bush are damaged,repair or replacement spare parts.

2.Suction pipe line jams or air leakage,check the pipe line.

3.Motor is reversal or speed is lower,please change motor.

4.Valve is out of work,please adjust spring or repair valve and valve seat.

The detailed introduction of high temperature thermal insulation bitumen pump

This type of pump is used to asphalt mixing equipment that transfer or spray asphalt oil,this is ideal equipment to asphalt factory,it’s also appropriate to other high viscosity medium. Every models has two kinds of structure forms: one is motor connect pump with coupling (six stage motor),the other is motor connect pump with belt pulley(four stage motor)

This type of pump applies to transfer the medium not including solid particle and has solidifiability under the normal temperature and temperature below 350 centigrade, like heavy oil, bitumen, glue resin, detergent and so on. It especially used for the condition that the medium required to keep heat in outdoor installation at cold region. If the pump’s material is stainless steel , it can transfer high viscosity and corrosive mediums.