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Principle and Application of Honghai Stainless Steel Pump

Stainless steel pump is a gear pump, which has the property of acid-proof and wear-resistance. According to the design provided by the utility model, install the driving shaft and the driven shaft in the housing, install the gear in the active section of the mounting shaf, and fitting the opposite gear in engagement with the gear driven shaft, both gears forming a gear pair, material inlet and outlet are provided in the casing. 

Its features are: ceramic plate will be set in the inner wall of the housing cavity. This system is able to improve the property of acid-proof and wear-resistance to the gear pump through change of the pump structure.

Stainless steel gear pump is commonly divided into different models like straight teeth gear pump, helical gear pump, and herringbone gear pump. As for tooth profile, there are generally involute tooth type and arcs type. Usually the small gear pump more adaots involute spur gears, and high temperature gear pumps often shifted gear. 

In transporting of high viscosity, high-pressure melting polymer, it's suggested to take helical gear. Gear formed integrally with the shaft, its rigidity and higher reliability than a gear with a gear pump shaft is separately manufactured. As for foreign low pressure gear pump, the gear often use a square structure, i.e., the gear tooth width equal to the tip diameter. The use of high-viscosity gear pump high pressure applications tooth width less than the diameter of its addendum circle, which is to reduce the radial pressure receiving area of the gear, reducing gears, bearings load. 

Stainless steel gear pump is a new type of transmission fluid machinery, has a simple structure, safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance, the liquid continuous uniform, stable pressure.

Stainless steel gear pump, the driving shaft and the driven shaft installed in the housing, mounting the gear shaft is located in the active section of the housing, the gear mounted on the shaft and the passive gear, to form a gear pair, disposed on the housing material import and export, Its features are: the inner wall of the housing cavity accommodate Gears settings ceramic plate.