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Maintenance Tips of RY Series Heat Oil Pump

1. Jog motor, take a look at the motor rotation if it is correct.

2. Start the motor, when the RY heat pumps functioning, open export and import of vacuum gauges depending on their shows after appropriate pressure, and gradually open the valve, and check the motor load conditions.

3. If found abnormal sound conducting, the oil pump should immediately stop checking reasons.

4. RY air-cooled heat oil pump during operation, the bearing temperature cannot exceed the environmental temperature of 35 degrees, the highest temperature not exceeding 80 degrees.

5. Try to control the range of annotated RY air-cooled heat pump flow and head on the plate, in order to guarantee the RY air-cooled heat pump at maximum efficiency operation, to maximize energy saving effect.

6. Regular inspection of heat conducting oil pump bearings and seal wear, wear in time after a larger replacement.

7. RY air-cooled heat pump used in the winter season, parking, the lower part of the pump body to drain plug unscrew medium on the net. To prevent the heat conducting oil contains water to pump frost.

8. RY air-cooled heat pumps for long periods, the need to pump all apart, dry water, and the junction of the rotating parts coated with grease installed properly protected.

9. RY air-cooled heat pump to stop use, turn off valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.

10. RY air-cooled heat pumps work in the first month, after 100 hours to replace oil after every 500 hours, change the oil once.