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KCB series stainless steel magnetic pump

KCB series stainless steel magnetic pump advantage is zero leakage, compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, low noise, reliable, easy to use. It can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, electroplating, food, film photofinishing, research institutions, defense industry and other units pumping acid, lye, oils, rare and precious liquid, venom, volatile liquid, and circulating water equipment, filter support. Particularly susceptible to leakage, flammable, explosive liquid substance pumping, this pump is more ideal choice.

KCB series stainless steel magnetic pump magnetic pump (temperature ≤250 ℃) (referred to as magnetic pump) is applied to the working principle of permanent magnet coupling gear pump new products, the main material is stainless steel. Reasonable design, advanced technology, with fully sealed, no leaks, corrosion-resistant features, its performance has reached the advanced level of similar products. 

Magnetic pump to replace the static seal dynamic seal, the pump flow components in a completely sealed state, solve the other pump mechanical seal cannot avoid the run, drop oil the drawbacks. Magnetic pump corrosion-resistant, high-strength engineering plastic, corundum ceramics, stainless steel and other materials for manufacturing, so it has good corrosion resistance, and can be transported from medium pollution.