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Introduction of Asphalt Pumps

It’s known to all that asphalt is also called bitumen. It’s kind of liquid, or semi-solid form of petroleum which is sticky and black. Asphalt can be found in our natural, while the resource is limited, which is unnecessary in road construction, especially in nowadays when the infrastructure is widely improved around the whole world. In China, we can see that the highways are almost built every corner around our country. 

It’s known to all that asphalt is sticky and hot when it’s used in our infrastructure, thus it’s crucial to choose the right pump.

As for industry pumps, there are oil pumps, food pumps, fuel pumps, sanitary pumps, water pumps and so on. Asphalt is special area which requires different model of pumps. Honghai Pumps is producing asphalt pump especially taking consideration of the property of bitumen. 

Asphalt pump is able to deal with the four required stages in asphalt industry. We all know that asphalt is produced through the refining of petroleum, which is quite adhesive, together with aggregates, forms pavement surfaces called HMA. The crude oil leaves the sea, goes to the tanker, and last goes to the terminal and refining company, we will see asphalt. During this process, the asphalt pumps will be used on the boat to transport the crude oil. During refinery, pumps will be used to pump the crude oil from the boats to the storage tanks. After that, crude oil will be pumped from the tanker to separate. When the crude flows into the pipe through pumping, the pressure inside the pipe drops. The lighter gasses bubble out from the crude oil. Water separates at this point as well, and is drained from the pipeline at the field separator. Crude oil then continues to transport. 

During this process, the crude oil will travel in many different ways to processing – trucks, railway, pipelines, and tankers. And all through the process, asphalt pumps are required for better operation.

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