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Instructions of Pump installation and Operation

Installation instructions

1,  The quality of oil pump installation, have very important influence on stable operation and long service life of the pump, so the installation of correction work must be carried out carefully.

2, The installation height, length and diameter of pump suction pipe should be meet the calculation value to reduce unnecessary losses (such as elbow). And you must ensure that the pump at work does not exceed the allowable NPSH.

3, The suction and discharge piping should have bracket. The pump is not allowed to exeed the load of pipeline.

4, The installation of pump locations should be spacious enough, to facilitate the maintenance work.

5, During the installation process, in order to prevent debris falling into the machine, unit shall cover all holes.

6, For the newly installed pipeline, in order to prevent the pipeline in the debris into the pump, the pump should be installed in the plastic filter, and the effective cross section should be greater than the suction pipe section 2 ~ 3 times.

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