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Instructions and Maintenance In Using Honghai Pumps

1. Preparation before starting the pump 

(1) Remove the useless stuffs from the pump clean up the site. 

(2) Fill adequate amount of lubricating oil.

(3) Before connecting coupling, check the steering direction of the motor to see if the pump is consistent with the direction of rotation, after verification, connect couplings.

(4) Before the coupling is installed, use hand to move the shaft, which should be flexible rotating. (5) Before starting the pump, it should be filled with the delivering liquid, in order to get rid of the air, then the discharge pipe valve should be closed.

(6) When transporting hot oil, before transporting, the pump should be preheating, which is carried out by use of hot oil continuously being transporting. Its pump casing temperature should not lower than the inlet oil temperature 40 ℃. Preheated rate of 50 ℃ / hr. Former multistage ring section pump begins to warm up, you should press the segment, pump bracket, two side nuts right amount released, preheat and then tighten it.

(7) Check foundation bolts, and the lubricating oil and cooling water supply situation.

2. On Starting the pump

(1) A thorough examination of all the preparatory work is already perfect.

(2) Open the various instruments of the switch, turn off the pressure gauge cocks.

(3) Turn on the power supply or the starter motor when the pump reaches the normal speed, and the corresponding pressure after the meter pointed out, gradually open the discharge line valve, and adjust to the desired conditions. In the case of the discharge line closed, continuous working time of the pump can’t exceed 3 minutes.

(4) In the process, we should always pay attention to the vibration of the motor and pump power readings, the number of vibrations should not be more than 0.06 mm.

3. Maintenance

(1) Check bearing fever economic situation, bearing temperature should not exceed a temperature of standard values, and always check the oil level and oil ring, the regular replacement of oil. 

(2) Do not use the suction valve to regulate the flow, to avoid cavitation.

(3) The pump should not be less than the design flow in the case of continuous operation at 30%, if you must run continuously under these conditions, you should install a bypass pipe at the outlet, the excess traffic access to the pump inlet tubing.

(4) The constant attention to seal leakage and heat conditions.

(5) Always check for loose bolt, pump inlet temperature and the temperature is consistent, vibration export gauge fluctuations and pumps.

(6) Note that the pump is running without noise, such as found in the abnormal state, promptly notify the person concerned staff.

4. Stop The Pump

(1) Gradually close the discharge line valve.

(2) Power off (or stop the turbine)

(3) After the pump to cool, and then turn off the cooling system and seal each pipeline oil. 

(4) The liquid and the cooling water pump should be empty and cleaning in case of cracking and bonding.