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General failures and treatments of centrifugal pump(III)

1. The pump vibration or abnormal sound

Causes and treatment methods are as follows:

(1) Similar with c (4), (5), (7), (9) the term f. Approach is to take appropriate measures.

(2) The vibration frequency is 0 to 40% of the working speed. Excessive bearing clearance, bearing loose, there are impurities in the oil, oil (viscosity, temperature) bad, because the air or process liquid lead to the blister of the oil, poor lubrication, bearing damage. After checking approach is to take appropriate measures, such as adjusting the bearing clearance, remove impurities in the oil, replace with new oil.

(3) The vibration frequency is 60% to 100% of the working speed. Bearing problems related with (2), or seal the gap is too large, loose retainer, seal wear. Approach is to check, adjust or replace the seal.

(4) The vibration frequency is double of the operating speed. Misalignment, loose coupling, seal friction and casing deformation, bearing damage, supporting resonance, thrust bearing damage, shaft bending, poor co-ordination. Approach is to examine and take appropriate measures, repair, adjustment or replacement.

(5) The vibration frequency is n times of the working speed. Pressure fluctuation, not the center of the housing deformation, seal friction, bearings or basic resonance line, the machine resonance, the same processing method (4), the reinforcing base, or tubing.

(6) the vibration frequency is very high. Friction shaft, seals, bearings, no precision bearings jitter, undesirable shrinkage fit or the like. Treatment with (4).

2. Bearing fever

Causes and treatment methods are as follows:

(1) Bearing pads scraping undesirable. Approach is to re-repair or replacement of the bearing pads.

(2) The bearing clearance is too small. Approach is to re-adjust the bearing clearance or scraping.

(3) The amount of lubricating oil is lubricating, bad oil. Approach is to increase the amount of oil or change oil.

(4) The bearing assembly is bad. Approach is to check the bearing assembly as requirement, the eliminate the undesirable factors.

(5) Cooling water circuit. Approach is to check, repair.

(6) The bearing wear or looseness. Approach is bearing repair or scrap. If relaxed, tight relevant bolts.

(7) If the shaft is bent. Approach is to correct the shaft.

(8) If the oil slinger is distorted, the oil slinger can not rotate and can not take along oil. Approach is to update the slinger.

(9) Coupling on the bad or axial clearance is too small. Approach is to check the situation and adjustment of the axial clearance.