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General failures and treatments of centrifugal pump

1. Seal fever

Causes and treatment methods are as follows:

(1) Packing too tight or friction. Approach is to relax the packing, check the seal tube.

(2) The seal ring and seal tube dislocation. Approach is to re-check the alignment.

(3) Washing, cooling is good. Approach is to check the flush cooling circulation tubes

(4) Mechanical seal failure. Approach is to check the mechanical seal.

2. Rotor runs largely 

Causes and treatment methods are as follows:

(1) Improper operation, operating conditions away from the pump design conditions. Treatment: strict operation, the pump is always running around the design conditions.

(2) The balance is not smooth. Approach is to clear the balance pipe.

(3) The balance disc and seat material balance disc undesirable. Approach is to replace the material meets the requirements of balance disc and balance disc holder.

3. The water hammers

Causes and treatment methods are as follows:

(1) Due to a sudden power failure, causing the system pressure fluctuations, occurs vacuum exhaust system, air bubbles dissolved in the liquid or escape of the pump in the gas pipeline memory. Approach is the gas drained.

(2) High-pressure liquid column due to the rapid intrusion of a sudden power failure, the impact at the pump outlet check valve plate. Approach is unreasonable pump exhaust system pipes, pipe fittings arranged to be transformed.

(3) Close the valve outlet pipe too quick. Approach is to slowly close the valve.