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Gear pumps positioning and correction


Gear pumps positioning and correction, which means that the gear pump is placed on the basis according to the foundation's vertical and horizontal centerline in order to meet the requirements. During installation of the gear pump, for most small and medium gear pump, it will share a base with the motor. In installing, it all takes overall installation method, i.e., after completion of the above preparations, the pump and the motor frame and integrally with smooth to hang on to the base, and then look for the positive and leveling. For large gear pump, it is generally first positioning the hoisting machine and adjust the seat after a good central location and level of degree, and then pumps and motors lifting to the frame to adjust the level of the coupling shaft distance and so on.

Elevation adjustment and Levelling

1) Elevation adjustment

Measurement and elevation Benchmarks (commonly known as zero) of elevation relative (positive or negative) called the elevation. The elevation of the absolute elevation and relative elevation. The absolute elevation is at sea level zero, and the height difference of sea level, called the absolute elevation; relative elevation is a elevation benchmarks for zero point - when, with the benchmark height difference is called the relative elevation value. The project mainly by the relative elevation, said the habit of elevation.

Elevation adjusting gear pump is intended to facilitate pump and pipeline connections, in general, its elevation to the center line of the shaft for measuring the t-point, calibration of the pump to the foundation level as measured on the basis of the reference, the measurement device communicating with the liquid level. For the more stringent requirements of the pump, its elevation adjustment is measured with a level. Gear pump elevation deviation should be allowed to meet the provisions of table 6 - 5. The large deviation can be adjusted through the temporary pad iron. The large deviation can be adjusted through the temporary pad iron.

2) Levelling

Gear pump beginning to find the level of degree elevation can make looking after, but also at the same time, it is by adjusting the level of temporary horn to adjust its level degrees. Measure the level of precision gear pump adjustment application is 0.02mm / m level meter or accuracy of 0.05mm / m level meter, on the surface of the pump outlet flange or shaft. Horizontal split pump, can be placed in the horizontal level instrument in measuring or on the surface of the pump shaft and the inlet and outlet flange surface. Gear pumps levelness tolerance: the overall installed pumps, vertical deviation should not exceed the level of 0.1 / 1000, the level of the lateral deviation should not exceed 0.2 / 1000; For the longitudinal and transverse horizontal pumps installed disintegration deviation not greater than 0.05 / 1.