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Disassembly of Honghai Pumps

Honghai pumps gives some suggestions of assembly of the pumps. To be specific, please check as below:

A. Cantilever Dismantle sequence 

(1) Close the valve in the pipeline before dismantle; remove the pipeline; remove the intermediate shaft coupling and pump coupling.

(2) Remove the bolts between the pump cover and pump, bracket and bay; remove the rotor, pump cover and bracket components together by horizontal hanging from the pump body.

(3) Remove the impeller nut, then remove the wheel, remove the keys (two-level cantilever to simultaneously remove the spacer plates).

(4) Remove the nuts among the pump cover, bracket and sealing cover, remove the pump cover, followed by removing the sealing parts.

(5) Remove the dust disks around two sides of the bearing bracket at both sides of the cover so that the shaft and carriage separate, and then split out within the bearing bracket.

B. Between bearing Type Dismantle sequence 

(1) Close the first line of the gate, remove the pump cooling circuit, removing the center coupling, pump coupling and the key.

(2) Remove the screw nut and dust on the disc at the bearing cap.

(3) Loosen the bearing body and balance chamber lid coupling nut bolts, remove the bearing housing from the pump shaft.

(4) Loosen the nuts on the bearings, in turn remove the blank cover, bearings, bearing cover, thrust alignment sleeve and dust pan.

(5) In the same manner to remove the other end of the bearing parts.

(6) Remove the seal round nut, remove the seal.

(7) Remove the pump and pump cover the coupling nut, remove the pump cover from the horizontal direction.

(8) Remove the sleeve, gear sets and second-stage impeller.

(9) Remove the screw coupling of the stopper plate and a separator, remove the stopper plate and a separator. 

(10) Remove the first-stage impeller shaft, separate from the take-in stage and the pump bearing.

C. Segmental Dismantle sequence 

(1)-(6) The same as the former type;

(7) Remove the cover and the pressure balance chamber segment connecting the nut on the bolt, remove the balance chamber cover, and balance disc and balance board.

(8) Tighten the nuts to wear bars, hanging out walking press section.

(9) Remove the balance shaft coupling key, and in turn remove the last stage vanes, the impeller and the middle of the last stage, remove the key, followed by the demolition of the same to the first stage impeller.

(10) Remove the wear bar bolts with the suction first stage impeller and shaft segment separately.

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