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Corporate Culture

Corporate Strategy: use the best products and prices , quickly capture the market!

Company spirit: honest and dedicated pursuit of excellence.

Company style: rapid response action immediately do today.

Company philosophy: everyone is a talent not race horses.

Quality concept: excellent product is good people dry out, We only hire the best talent.

Market philosophy: only the off-season thinking no off-season market, only weak thinking no weak market.

Team principle: In a team, there will always be 10% of the people who work the best results, 10% of the people who work the worst performance, use the experience to go and promote the best results were the worst, the whole team to improve market effect.

Survival philosophy: never fear never perpetuity work hard today looking for work tomorrow!

Management philosophy:

(1) Our Company is a fighting team, to have iron discipline, (iron discipline and efficient team)

(2) level is not high on himself, wages are not high on the boss said. (First-class treatment)