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Characteristics of Honghai Screw Pump


In this article,Honghai will explain the detailed characteristics of Honghai Screw Pump and it’s detailed opeartion.

Because Screw Pump has those basic characteristics of variable transport, strong self-priming ability, can be reversed, transporting liquids containing solid particles, linear relationship between flow and speed, whose quality must be ensured by uniform atomization through high-speed centrifugal atomizer in the spray-drying production line with constant stream feed solution.

Improper considerations of design and selection will cause big trouble in the future use, operation and maintenance, thus Honghai suggests that screw pumps should be chosen on the basis of actual operation needs in order to guarantee smooth production, lower maintenance and repairing costs.

1.1 Configuration of ooriginal manufacturer in Assembly line production is a small DC motor, whose speed is controlled by SCR through SCR conduction phase angle formed by chopping different voltages to control DC motor speed controller in order to establish an internal voltage negative feedback. The instrument display is actually a voltage analog, although there are fluctuations but does not affect the normal use. However, because the product is with dust, and the dust particles are hygroscopic and sticky. The small DC motor ventilation is realized through air from the end of the motor fan. In some working days, inside the motor, it can accumulate a lot of dust, as the dust is hygroscopic, which will cause the motor leakage, frequent damage to the SCR governor controller. Because of its viscosity, brush part will be cleaned once in a few days, or if the brush stuck in the brush holder, the result is that when the operator clearly see speed table or in the original position, in fact, feed pump has been stopped, while the device temperature fluid transport in the absence of material up the string, even if the feed pump speed control to maximum, also to no avail. Resulting in material waste and the yield of the product decreases.

1.2 Structure of screw structure will not allow operation in the case of broken material, once occurred, rubber stator will be burn due to instantly high temperature generated by dry friction. In the workshop, the feeding material is directly from the bacteria filter, there is a distance, thus in actual operation, the actual operation relies on the experience of the operator. But the production process tube blockage and off are obviously difficult to avoid. So, it’s important to ensure that the screw pump doesn’t rotate in idle or dry running in order to avoid losses.