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Characteristics and Uses of 3G Screw Pump

As a positive displacement pump, he pump suction chamber and discharge chamber of 3G screw should be strictly separated. Thus, the outer peripheral surface and the screw pump screw and screw clearance should be as small as possible. At the same time, the screw and the pump, between screws, the sealed chamber is formed mutually, which is able to ensure airtight, otherwise some liquids may backflow from the gap. 

Screw pump can be divided into internal and external bearing forms. Built-bearing structure type are lubricated by the delivery thereof. Screw pump working chamber with an external bearing structure is separate from the bearing. Since the intermediate structure and the screw of this pump-side clearance exists, it may be delivered non-lubricating media. In addition, adjusting the synchronization gear such that the screw is not in contact, while the half of the output torque transmitted to the driven screw. Just like all 3G screw, external bearing screw pump also has self-absorption capacity, and most of pumping elements themselves are arranged symmetrically double suction, can eliminate the axial force, but also has a great high absorption. These features make it happen that the pumps have been widely used in oilfield chemicals and shipping industries. 

External bearing type screw pump can be based on a variety of usage respectively by ordinary cast iron, stainless steel and other materials. The delivery temperature is up to 250 centigrade. Pump with different ways of heating structure, the theoretical capacity is of 2000 cubic meters per hour.

3G screw pump is without stirring, no pulsation, smooth delivery of various materials, because the pump body structure is able to ensure that the work of components within the pump is always there pumping sealing liquid, self-priming capability of all the pumps is very strong, and can the vapor-liquid mixed transportation. Honghai Special design of pump to ensure that the pump has high suction performance is very small values of NPSHr. Using an independent external bearing lubrication allows delivery of various non-lubricating materials. Horizontal, vertical, with a heating jacket and other structural type complete, you can convey a low viscosity or high viscosity media without solid particles of various cleaning and choosing the right materials, and even can be transported many corrosive media.

From the principle of 3G screw pump, external bearing type screw pump, through the bearing positioning, two screws in the Bush are not in contact with each other, tooth gap between the constant (the gap value is decided by the working condition and the pump itself specifications), screw outer circle and the inner circle surface of bushing also remained constant gap unchanged. Two screw drive is done by synchronizing gear. Gearbox with separate lubrication, spaced from the pump working chamber. The advantages of this structure greatly broadens the scope of use of screw pump, namely: in addition to the transport medium good lubrication, but also transport non lubricating medium large, various viscosity (the highest viscosity up to 3* 106 mm /s) and corrosive medium (acid, alkali and other properties), abrasive fluid. Screw pump because of its constant gap existence and the characteristics of type line, which belongs to the non-sealed type displacement pump, so in addition to conveying pure liquid in vitro, also can be the transmission of gas and liquid mixtures, namely the vapor-liquid mixed transportation, which is also one of the advantages of very unique screw pump.

3G screw can also run without any transporting liquids. Due to the moving parts do not touch each other at work, so short-term running doesn’t damage the pump components, this feature provides great convenience for the automatic control of the process, but the dry running time limited by many factors, generally a very short.

In addition, the screw pump in the course of transmission without shear, non-emulsifying effect, so it won't break the specific fluid properties by the formation of molecular chain structure and working process, and because relying on synchronous transmission gear, pump, low noise, small vibration, stable work.

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