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Basic Principles of Choosing Pumps

It’s suggested by Honghai Pumps Ltd that five basic factors should be in consideration on selecting the right pumps based on working process and drainage requirements. To be specific, they are the amount of liquid delivery, device head, fluid properties, piping layout and operation of operating conditions.

1. The flow is one of the important performance data in selecting a pump, which is directly related to production capacity and delivery capacity of the entire apparatus. Such as the Institute of Technology Design is able to calculate the general pump properly, minimum and maximum, in total three kinds of flow. When the pump is selected, based on the maximum flow rate, taking into account the normal flow, when there is no maximum flow rate, it’s suggested as the maximum flow rate is about 1.1 times of the the normal flow rate.

2. Pump head required in the device system is another important performance data in selecting pumps, generally use the enlarged 5% -10% margin to lift the selection.

3. The liquid nature of the liquid medium include names, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties, the physical properties of the temperature c density d, the viscosity u, the content of the medium diameter of solid particles and gases, etc., which involves the lift system, effective gas NPSH calculations and suitable pump types: chemical properties, mainly referring to chemical and toxic liquid medium, is the choice of materials and the choice of what kind of pump shaft seal type important basis.

4. The piping layout condition refers to a device system liquid feed height liquid feed to the liquid-feeding distance, such as the suction side of the minimum level, the discharge side of the maximum liquid level and some data, and the specifications and the length of the pipe, the materials, pipe specifications, the number of etc., for the Department of comb head NPSH calculations and checking.

5. A lot of contents of the operation conditions, such as a liquid saturated steam power operation T P, the suction-side pressure PS (absolute), the discharge side of the container the pressure PZ, altitude, ambient temperature or continuous operation, the pump is a fixed position of the gap or may shift.