Fuel oil

Fuel oil

Honghai Pumps are widely used in different applications in Fuel Oil Industry. Honghai Pumps, especially rotary pumps can be used in loading and discharging fuel, transporting and circulating fuel.

As we know, there are different kinds of fuel, such as diesel, heavy oil, crude oil, gas, Jet fuel and so on. Honghai Pumps can also be used in those different kinds of fuels. In dealing with different fuels, there are different instructions.

Take crude oil as an example. As it's known to all that crude oil is found under the earth, with the property of high viscosity, Honghai rotary pump is the best choice to deal with it. It's able to handle the crude oil from transporting to refining. Considering the crude oil contains foreign matters like dirt, sand and other particles, Honghai Pumps Ltd is using special and hardened steel as spare parts in order to prevent the pump from fast damage.

There are some important instructions by Honghai Pumps Ltd.

1. Install the pump close to the supply area and leave enough space to work;
2. Use proper suction pipelines;
3. Overpressure production;
4. Periodic maintenance the pump such as lubrication, leveling, and spare parts.

Before you choose a pump, please kindly check with our Honghai pump representatives, which is quite crucial because it's necessary to explain such factors like the drive size, seal type, NPSH and the like.

Honghai Pumps Ltd will keep sharing our pumping knowledge and experience with you.


  • Petroleum Refining
  • Blending and Transporting
  • Aviation and Automotive Fueling Systems
  • Duplex Fuel Oil Systems for oil burners
  • Waste Oil Collection and Combustion